The Best of All Material Worlds

Why ceramics? Give your operation the benefits of a new life span of 4 to 6, to even 10 times longer. Your operation could have zero downtime associated with replacement parts, earn immediate ROI (return on investment), see an impressive impact on price performance ratio, and lower overall cost of operations.

Four containers of various ceramic powders.

Technical Ceramics

This is not your standard pottery ceramics. Our ceramics are one of the few materials having properties of both toughness and hardness.

  • Technical ceramic outperforms steel.
  • Technical ceramic lasts longer than metal.
  • Technical ceramic survives greater extremes of heat, pressure and tonnage.

Wear Resistant Nano-Ceramics

We offer high wear resistant ceramic and cermet materials. They have phenomenal properties that increase toughness and wear. This provides the added leverage to increase capacity and bottom line profit. See chart illustrating the properties of wear resistant ceramics.

Our nano-ceramics have an optic smooth surface finish designed to reduce friction, self lubrication, insulation, are electrically conductive and even magnetic.

Structural Ceramics

We currently provide a huge range of ceramic wear solutions. We are continuously developing new ceramics in our labs. See the charts below illustrating the relative cost of each type of ceramic.

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