Manufacturing Process

Fully Integrated Ceramic Facility

  • Design raw materials with hardness, magnetic, conductive, self-lubricating, fracture toughness
  • Produce our own molds for processing powders
  • Pressing of ceramic and cermets
  • Standard and plasma sintering and processing

Full Machine Shop

Grinding, milling, lapping, core drilling, polishing to less than 1 RA, full machining of assembly of ceramic, metals and plastics, large production capabilities

Technology Center

Complete Laboratories

For the development and testing of your precision part/tooling.

  • Ability to combine nano ceramic materials with metal oxides
  • Hot isostatic pressing with an oxygenic or hydrogen atmosphere
  • HIP-ing to fully densify materials
  • SPS processing to mix material for R&D
  • Examination through x-ray diffraction and SEM imaging
  • Physical testing

Professional Knowledge

Expert Knowledge

  • Processing machining of all materials
  • Heat treating and coatings
  • Ceramics and tungsten carbide

Rapid Prototyping


  • Rapid computer simulation technology.
  • Visualize the requirements of your application.
  • Recommend the most cost effective solution.
  • 48 hour sample turn around.
  • Contact us to request a prototype today.

Speak With An INNEX Engineer

We work closely with clients to develop single parts or entire tooling systems that meet the requirements of any application. Contact us today to discuss your business needs and learn how ceramic solutions can benefit your company.