Battery Unit

Experts in all aspects of tooling, INNEX invests significant time and effort every year developing products that separate us from the competition. With worldwide distribution capabilities, we currently have global customers in the US, Asia, Europe and South America consisting of some of the largest battery brands.

We have a portfolio of Ceraminator material and custom blended Ceraminator Plus material. Compared to traditional steel parts, our ceramic parts are stronger, have greater wear resistance and are cost-effective. Its lightweight material makes it less expensive in price and freight. Ceramic dies with color-coded plastic jackets provide many advantages for battery manufacturing.

INNEX Can Produce

  • Alkaline and lithium batteries
  • Alumina dies with whiskers
  • Ceramic core rods
  • Ceramic dies
  • Ceramic and steel punches
  • Ceramic scraper blades
  • Ceramic inserts
  • Canning punches
  • All wear parts for tablet press

Pharmaceutical Unit

INNEX’s ceramic technologies are the only ceramics in the world to meet FDA compliance CFR 21 and withstand the high demand in a pharmaceutical production environment. Our metal detectable ceramic will keep running long past old steel and will not clog or still, commonly known as picking and sticking. Your production equipment will keep running and throughput and capacity will increase significantly. The material is extremely hard and the surface is smooth. It feels and performs as if lubricated.

INNEX Products: CEREEL Punches, Dies, Blades, Pump & Metering

Benefits of Ceramics in Pharmaceutical

  • 4-5x wear life of steel punches and dies
  • Drastically reduces powder sticking to tip and barrel
  • Material technology reduces need to add lubrication
  • Shut down for maintenance is far less
  • Reduces the risk of metal toxicity
  • Meets CFR 21 and leach test, metal detectable
  • Material density slows bacteria growth
  • Green and environmentally friendly

Pump & Metering Unit

Replacement parts can be very expensive. INNEX can save you significant money. We produce these parts for the largest battery companies of the world at a fraction of the cost. We can produce any size or shape for pumping equipment replacement parts.

Ask about our portfolio of custom blended Ceraminator Plus powders that feature extremely hard and smooth self-lubricating surfaces.

  • Full metal machining and heat treating
  • Plastics integration assemblies to reduce weight and cost and corrosion
  • Vast knowledge of  all aspects of pump industry and components
  • Worldwide distribution

INNEX Can Produce

  • Ceramic plunger
  • Ceramic pistons
  • Ceramic bushings
  • Ceramic valves
  • Ceramic liners
  • Water jet
  • Precision fluid and metering
  • Reciprocating pump part for industrial pumping

Speak With An INNEX Engineer

We work closely with clients to develop single parts or entire tooling systems that meet the requirements of any application. Contact us today to discuss your business needs and learn how ceramic solutions can benefit your company.

Industries Served

We work with businesses in the following industries: battery, pharmaceutical, pump and metering, energy storage, oil/gas, marine, aerospace, industrial, beverage and more. Please connect with us to further discuss what INNEX can do to improve your company’s operations.