INNEX doesn’t just sell materials – we sell solutions. When you work with INNEX Innovative Industries, you work with some of the best ceramics experts in the world. We don’t just build you a part and be done with it. We learn your business inside and out so we can design products that will benefit your company long into the future.

At INNEX we…

✓ Design and produce single custom ceramic products or complete custom tooling systems using INNEX’s portfolio of patented ceramic powders. 

✓ Research and develop new material and product development in our in-house technology center.

✓ Utilize XRD, CAD/CAM Unigraphics, NX4, SmartCam, Mazacam and other imaging to understand material content with precision and accuracy. We also create 3D solid modeling and design for documentation assemblies. 

✓ Utilize lean manufacturing processes and automation techniques to ensure low cost production for the company and the customer and an ISO 9001:2008 quality management system. 

✓ Produce rapid prototypes and large production orders that meet all requirements in our fully integrated ceramic facility and machine shop. Machining, heat-treating, finish grinding and assembly of tool steel components with specialized coatings can all be done in-house. 

✓ Provide warm and knowledgeable customer service that welcomes new partnerships and keep clientele informed.

Increase process efficiency by transforming antiquated tooling to ceramic materials. Get in touch to speak with an engineer today!