At INNEX, our goal is to reduce our customers’ production down-time for resets, resulting in bottom line cost savings that our competitors cannot match. We want to keep your business up and running 24/7. Our expertise in powder pressing and performance will allow us to troubleshoot and determine a strategic solution for your needs.

Tableting markets we serve include soap and detergents, battery, sanitizing chemicals, chlorine chemicals, and bath and bowl chemicals. Wear components we produce include compaction dies, punches, core rods, specialty stamping punches and dies, coatings, carbide tipped upper and lower punches, and carbide lined dies. Types of materials we have include patented ceramics, zirconias, and aluminas tool steel.

We are not limited to this list. Our in-house development team is constantly making advances that allow us to expand our product and material line. Contact our engineering team at and let us find the right solution and application for you.