Our team of ceramic experts are constantly developing exciting applications that allow us to expand into new markets. We work closely with clients and learn their business needs in order to produce single parts or entire tooling systems that will best meet their unique requirements. We work with businesses in the following industries:

  • medical and orthopedic new
  • automotive new
  • electric vehicle new
  • military new
  • electronics new
  • battery
  • pharmaceutical
  • pump and metering
  • energy storage
  • oil and gas
  • marine
  • aerospace
  • industrial
  • food and beverage
  • confectionary

Ceramic tooling provides a long list of benefits for any company utilizing steel machinery and parts in their manufacturing. As mentioned, we are ever-expanding our material solutions and industries served. So even if your industry is not listed but you are interested in leveraging our technology, please connect with us to further discuss what INNEX can do for your company.