Ceraminator™ is the brand name of our patented technical ceramic material. We use it to create customized tooling products that when used in place of metal and steel will increase your productivity and profits.

LONG WEAR LIFE – High hardness and low coefficient of friction makes it last 2-3 times longer than aluminum and zirconia dies. Shock absorbing.

HIGH EFFICIENCY – Operates with little maintenance. Insulation and self-lubrication.

LIGHTWEIGHT – Significantly more lightweight than competing dies making them.

STRESS RESISTANT – Excellent chemical resistance. Survives greater extremes of heat, pressure, and tonnage. Low elastic coefficient with no permanent deformation.

DISTINGUISHABLE – Available in steel and plastic jackets in various colors.

COST EFFECTIVE – Less expensive than competing dies.

ZERO OXIDATION – Impenetrable to rust.

Our goal is to reduce our customers’ production down-time for resets, resulting in bottom line cost savings that our competitors cannot match. We want to keep your business up and running 24/7. Our expertise in powder pressing and performance will allow us to troubleshoot and determine a strategic solution for your needs.

Tableting markets we can service include soap and detergents, battery, sanitizing chemicals, chlorine chemicals, and bath and bowl chemicals. Wear components include compaction dies, punches, core rods, specialty stamping punches and dies, coatings, carbide tipped upper and lower punches, and carbide lined dies. Types of materials include but are not limited to patented ceramics, zirconias and aluminas tool steel. 

Exclusive, Technical Ceramic Core Rod Assembly

Ceraminator™ is based on an exclusive, technical ceramic core rod assembly that consists of a steel housing, steel mandrel, and ceramic sleeve. The design makes it easy to replace the ceramic sleeves and mandrels and still reuse the housing creating a cost-effective rework cycle that eliminates the need to manufacture entirely new parts.

Together, our unique rework cycle and proprietary high strength ceramic increases tool wear life four, six, even ten times and leads to significant cost savings when compared to continually purchasing disposable replacement parts.

INNEX’s exclusive ceramic tooling technology is proven to:

✓ Increase the life of components exponentially 

✓ Save money on purchasing disposable replacement parts

✓ Improve efficiency by reducing tear down and setup time

✓ Create cost-efficiency with the ability to do reworks

✓ Enhance productivity by eliminating the need to manufacture new parts

✓ Reduce waste from continually disposing replacement parts

✓ Deliver immediate ROI, impressive Price Performance Ratio and lower operation costs

Contact our engineering team at inquires@innexind.com to let us find the right solution and application for you.

We Sell Solutions

INNEX doesn’t just sell materials – we sell solutions. When you work with INNEX Innovative Industries, you work with the best ceramics experts in the world. Our team doesn’t want to just build you a part and be done with it. We want to learn your business inside and out so we can design processes and materials that will reduce your operating costs long into the future.

Our services:

✓ We can design and produce a single custom ceramic product or a complete custom tooling system using INNEX’s portfolio of patented ceramic powders. 

✓ Our in-house research and development technology center and engineering staff is constantly working on new material and product development. 

✓ We utilize XRD, CAD/CAM Unigraphics, NX4, SmartCam, Mazacam and other imaging to understand material content with precision and accuracy. We are capable of creating 3D solid modeling and design for documentation assemblies. 

✓ We utilize lean manufacturing processes and automation techniques to ensure low cost production for the company and the customer. We also utilize an ISO 9001:2008 quality management system. 

✓ Our fully integrated ceramic facility and machine shop allows us to produce rapid prototypes and large production orders that meet all requirements. Machining, heat-treating, finish grinding and assembly of tool steel components with specialized coatings can all be done in-house. 

✓ Our warm and knowledgeable customer service welcomes new partnerships and opportunities.