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At INNEX, we brainstorm for you!

We have it all, from powder to precision parts. INNEX can provide all the cutting edge advantages to provide indestructible tooling systems targeted for 24/7 usage. Let us know what you need and our team will recommend a material or product that we currently have available, or work to design a specific material and system that meets your needs.

We are constantly developing new and exciting applications such as orthopedic bio-magnetic ceramic, dental pain management, physical therapy and medical diagnosis and treatment. Our technologies and material designs position INNEX as a technology developer and leader in the medical and industrial markets. 

Medical Grade Orthopedic Ceramic Technology

INNEX Innovative Industries has developed the most advanced orthopedic ceramic that features magnetic therapeutic capabilities. Its magnetic therapeutic material stimulates bone growth at an accelerated rate and is safe for the body. INNEX has I.P. on this portfolio of products and will soon be looking for the ideal orthopedic and medical partner to help integrate our advanced materials into the medical industry.

Pharmaceutical Grade Ceramic Technology

We have developed the first and only FDA compliant ceramic for pharmaceutical grade operations. We’ve built a variety of patents around pharmaceutical material and tooling. This material has revolutionizing potential. It can be easily machined with electric discharge machining (EDM). This means the material can be cut with high precision and with intricate shapes effortlessly to accommodate any client’s tooling needs. 

Ceramic Magnetic Shielding

INNEX has developed a very interesting portfolio of advanced ceramic that offers high wear and corrosion resistance, low friction, great toughness, and the ability to shield magnetic energy to further electronic performance. We are looking for partners in the automotive, electric vehicle market, military, medical devices, medical imaging, and electronics markets to take our technologies to the next level together.

Seeking Partnerships

INNEX will be looking for niche companies to acquire that can add to our current in-house manufacturing capabilities and product offerings. We will also continue to increase our supply chain and identify the world’s best suppliers of components. We work with businesses in the following industries: battery, pharmaceutical, pump and metering, energy storage, oil/gas, marine, aerospace, industrial, beverage and more. Please contact us for more information.

Innex Innovative Industries

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