Precision machine created a ceramic part.

Our extensive portfolio of materials and designs increase throughput and reduce cost that significantly improve the bottom line for our customers. INNEX supplies a full line of top-performing ceramics, metals, plastics, cermets and composites.


CEREEL’s powder to precision technology combines the perfect combination of extreme metal detection, toughness and hardness that will revolutionize replacement parts in the industrial, pharmaceutical, and beverage markets. With a wear-life of up to four to five times that of stainless steel, maintenance costs are reduced and manufacturing productivity is increased. 


CEREEL Plus possesses the same qualities as CEREEL, with the addition of high precision Electric Discharge Machining (EDM) capabilities. CEREEL Plus is exclusively available through INNEX Innovative Industries, and not commercially available by any other known manufacturers throughout the world. 


POLY-CEREEL is the first patented product designed to serve the pharmaceutical industry utilizing detectable plastic and detectable ceramic materials. POLY-CEREEL utilizes a metal-detectable plastic liner, that encases ceramic material (CEREEL). This technology allows for metal detection and identification of contaminants during pharmaceutical and food grade processing. 


Ceraminator™ is INNEX’s patented brand name for our technical ceramic material. We use it to create customized tooling products in place of steel and metals. INNEX’s exclusive ceramic technology for tooling is proven to: increase the life of your components, save money compared to purchasing disposable replacement parts, reduce tear down and setup time, create cost-efficiencies with the ability to do reworks, enhance productivity by eliminating the need to manufacturer new parts, and reduce waste (eliminate disposal of replacement parts).

Ceraminator Plus™

Ceraminator Plus™ is INNEX’s premium material for extra toughness requirements. It is used as a way to personalize custom blended nano materials to meet the unique tooling requirements of the client. 

Cereel Twenty One™

Cereel Twenty One™ is specifically designed by our engineers from powder to parts. It meets CFR 21 of material safety and metal detection requirements. It is the perfect material to replace stainless steel tooling in a variety of industries. Cereel Twenty One™ is made to outlast the manufacturing life of steel parts by 5 times and stainless steel parts by up to 10 times. It is perfect for the pharmaceutical, food and beverage, confectionary and pet food manufacturing industries.