Ceramic powder next to ceramic tooling parts.

For more than 20 years, INNEX has been revolutionizing the use of nano ceramic technology for longer lasting tooling components and a more efficient tooling process. Our full vertical integration is designed to provide low cost, quick turnaround innovation to save time and money.

INNEX focuses on cost-cutting ceramic solutions. At INNEX you work with the best technical ceramics experts in the world. We listen to what you need and leverage our technology and creativity. INNEX has in-house development and testing capabilities. Give us your ideas or samples and we will engineer a customized ceramic design that will exceed your expectations and significantly lower your operating cost. 

We are excited to work with companies and transform their steel or antiquated designs to our ceramic systems. Our designs will reduce operation costs for many years to come. Our goal is to provide you tooling or parts that keep your production line or equipment running 24/7. Let our company’s technology platform maximize your company’s offerings and efficiencies. 

INNEX has built a portfolio of ceramic materials and designs that will transform the battery, industrial pump, pharmaceutical, food and confectionary industries. These high performing metal detectable ceramics will increase production and lower operating cost for major suppliers around the world. Our EDM ceramic will revolutionize the way ceramics are machined and open ceramic up to new, exciting industries.

INNEX Innovative Industries is a division of Blue Sky Vision Partners, a positive-approach advisory firm that identifies a company’s strengths and market opportunities with a focus on driving innovation and profitability. Blue Sky focuses on companies that desire to be dynamic and have high potential growth. Please get in touch to discuss potential opportunities for business partnerships.