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Material Technology Licenses

INNEX Innovative Industries is now accepting applications for licensing agreements to manufacture and distribute the CEREEL™ technology. Potential licensors will need to have a minimum revenue, market knowledge, and solid customer service. All licensors will also have the ability to fabricate CEREEL™ at their facility. This will require the proper grinding and Electric Discharge Machining (EDM) equipment. The preferred approach is a licensed fabricator and distributor that will purchase CEREEL™ near-net components and provide complete assembly.


CEREEL™ is the brand name of our new patented technical ceramic material that has been developed in collaboration with Alfred University. Its powder to precision technology combines the perfect combination of extreme metal detection, toughness and hardness that will revolutionize the pharmaceutical, food, and beverage markets. A new product line of tableting tools created using this CEREEL™ technology are commercialized as having increased fracture toughness and wear life up to four to five times of stainless steel, tool steel and hybrid. As a result, significant cost savings are made when compared to continually purchasing disposable replacement parts.


Innex has a version of CEREEL™ Plus that is capable of EDM machining. This will further reduce machining for customers and further strengthen Innex as a true leader in development of materials for Pharmaceutical/Nutraceuticals/Vitamins.

CEREEL™ and Non-CEREEL Plastic Lined Dies

Innex has recently developed a patent pending line of CEREEL™ plastic dies with plastic liners that provide metal detection. In many markets, it is expected that this technology will replace steel lines. The new CEREEL™ plastic die will reduce the cost of the product to the customer (including reduced freight costs), and be much lighter allowing the parts to be more easily distributed on the shop floor. This technology will be great for Innex customers in the battery, pharmaceutical and confectionery industries. It can also be used for Tungsten Carbide or hardened or treated steels.